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Translation is all around us
Simonetta e Clara

Translation is all around us.

Translation helps us to create connections and transcend cultural and geographical boundaries.

Translation unites us and enriches us, on both an individual and community level.

Translation allows us to look at the same thing in a new light.

Translation facilitates the flow of ideas, knowledge, experiences, values, products and information.

Translation is a key driving force for the development of almost all products or services that are sold or supplied throughout the world, because everything needs translation at some point during its life cycle.

Translation is also essential for scientific and technological progress. It is thanks to translation that many of the most important discoveries or innovations in science and technology in recent decades have transformed our daily lives.

Translation is a complex linguistic, cultural and communicative process, requiring an understanding of linguistic differences, as well as the ability to communicate with different audiences through various types of texts.

Translation is an act of communication, for people and by people.

At the heart of every translation is a professional translator.

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